A complete range of services and solutions for quality infrastructure

QualNet offers a full range of services and solutions that meet the requirements of today’s industry, while preparing for tomorrow’s wireless technology developments. We build, inspect, maintain and repair all types of wireless network technologies and structures. 

From planning to implementation, you can count on a team of specialists who, at any stage of a project, will offer you an efficient, professional and superior quality service.

QualNet offers turnkey services. Regardless of the size of the project, we are surrounded by certified staff and form a complete team of specialists. From site acquisition to activation, we offer efficient solutions at competitive prices while meeting deadlines. QualNet is a company committed to using the highest standards in the industry!

We also regularly carry out a series of specialized tests (passive intermodulation or IMP, DC power supply, bit error rate or BERT, scanning) for the inspection, analysis and maintenance of our infrastructures (connectors, lines, antennas, optical fibre cables, microwave systems). In addition, if the project requires it, we can also install rooftop or indoor structures.

Discover how to benefit from our service offer!


Our team of specialists can install, erect or build the following services and systems:

  • Electrical services;
  • Grounding and lightning conductor systems;
  • All types of telecommunications structures;
  • Cellular systems, sites and support (Ericsson, Nokia-Siemens);
  • Microwave systems (TDM, Ethernet);
  • All types of lines;
  • Fall arrest systems;
  • Radios;
  • In-building DAS antenna systems;
  • A variety of wireless components;
  • Rectifier system;
  • Pylons.


Our turnkey construction project management solutions include the following elements:

  • Civil, structural and electrical engineering and design of cellular sites;
  • Different types of civil engineering work;
  • Line surveying (antenna orientation);
  • Inspection, maintenance and repair of installations;
  • 24/7 Emergency Services;
  • Supply of products and equipment;
  • Inspection, analysis and reinforcement of pylons and existing structures;
  • Alignment of microwave systems (TDM, Ethernet);
  • Scanning of all types of lines;
  • Splicing and termination of optical fiber cables.